Grab a slice: interview with founder of Greenwich’s Pizza Shack

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Founder and head chef of Pizza Shack, Matthew Smith, tells Eliza Frost about the secret to a perfect pizza, serving Greenwich and his favourite flavour combo

What first inspired your passion for pizzas?

Matthew Smith: My passion for slinging pizzas was ignited by the joy of creating my own pizzas, and now it’s something delicious that brings people together. There’s something special about crafting the perfect pie and seeing the smiles it brings to customers’ faces. 

What is the secret to a perfect pizza in your opinion?

The secret to a perfect pizza lies in the balance of flavours, textures and quality ingredients. From a crispy fluffy crust to the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese, attention to detail is key.

Why did you open Pizza Shack?

Pizza Shack started as a dream to share great pizza with our community. Over the years, we’ve grown through dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, evolving into a beloved fixture in the local food scene. 

How do you come up with the flavour combinations?

Flavour combinations at Pizza Shack are inspired by a mix of tradition and creativity. We experiment with fresh ingredients, drawing inspiration from classic recipes and global cuisines to create unique and mouth-watering pizzas. 

What are your perfect pizza toppings?

My perfect pizza toppings from our menu include spicy Italian nduja sausage, jalapeños, black olives and sweet spicy piquanté peppers. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the people’s choice, a classic pepperoni! 

What do you like about trading at Greenwich Market?

Trading at Greenwich Market is fantastic because of the traders, and everyone connected with running the market, these people are some of my dearest friends, we go on holidays together, play sports and hang out all the time. On a customer front, it’s a hub of activity where we can connect with both locals and visitors, sharing our passion for great pizza. 

How do customers react to your pizzas?

Customers react enthusiastically to our pizzas, often commenting on the freshness of our ingredients and the boldness of our flavours. Seeing their satisfaction is truly rewarding and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of pizza-making. 

Do you have any local Greenwich recommendations?

I highly recommend exploring historic sites like the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Thames Path. And of course, don’t miss out on the eclectic dining scene, with plenty of hidden gems to discover.

Find Pizza Shack at Greenwich Market on Saturdays and Sundays

Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ


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