Buckle Your Swash on The Golden Hinde

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Embark on a swashbuckling adventure aboard legendary Tudor flagship The Golden Hinde!

Cast off on a theatrical, immersive adventure at Escape from The Golden Hinde, moored on the banks of the Thames.

The team behind Secret Studio – London’s top escape game –  has created a new seafaring quest aboard an historic reconstruction of Francis Drake’s ship, The Golden Hinde. 

You have 60 minutes to explore the vessel, solve its fiendish mysteries, and escape ashore. 

Along the way you’ll meet filthy deckhands, squabble with highborn nobles and maybe even dance with some disco divas.

The Secret Studio team is a mix of filmmakers, actors and theatre practitioners. 

“Instinctively we focus on story and character,” says Oscar, one of the experience’s designers, “and The Golden Hinde’s long history has bucketloads. We’re immersing guests in an exhilarating interactive  adventure, full of tension, challenges and puzzles.”

Perfect for visitors to London, corporate teams, stag/hen parties, and families, the experience is suitable for all ages 6 and up. Under 10’s go free (with 3 or more paying players).

The Golden Hinde is a near-perfect reconstruction of the ship Francis Drake sailed around the world in the 1570s. The reconstructed ship also circumnavigated the globe in the 1970s. 

Since launching in Devon it sailed more than 100,000 miles on numerous adventures and has been visited by millions of people in many countries. It is currently drydocked near London Bridge.

Further information: www.goldenhinde.co.uk 

There are many myths surrounding the ship’s central character, Francis Drake. Some see him as a 

glorious hero and the saviour of England. In truth he existed in, and contributed to, a violent age. 

Like so many of his contemporary European mariners, he engaged in colonialism, slavery and piracy. 

Escape from The Golden Hinde explores this truth in line with The Golden Hinde’s published 

statement: “We recognise that the histories which surround our ship are rooted in colonialism and 

slavery: elements which can often be sidelined in stories of Francis Drake’s voyages. We acknowledge our responsibility to better communicate these narratives.”

Further information: https://www.goldenhinde.co.uk/discover/sir-francis-drake

Escape From The Golden Hinde, St Mary Overie Dock, Cathedral Street, London,SE1 9DE

Head to the website to get on board: www.escapeintime.co.uk/goldenhinde/

Tickets: up to £43 per person. 


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