Traditional Brazilian steakhouse hidden inside butchers is back open in Bermondsey

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A Brazilian steakhouse hidden behind a butcher’s shop in Bermondsey that got rave reviews is back – and we went to check out what makes them so special.

Partners, Flavia and Keila, both Brazilian, opened Fine Cut Butchers two years ago, after being inspired by the concept of having a butcher and a restaurant in one.

“In fact, it’s something we saw in Italy,” Keila told us, “and we loved it.

“We were determined to have one of our own.”

The thing about serving fresh, good-quality ingredients is that the waiters are happy to serve it – and you feel that pride instantly.

To start there was pão de queijo (baked cheese roll), pastel (a crispy pastry with mince inside) and coxinha (a Brazilian chicken croquette). Just as a starter should be, it was all very tasty and light – accompanied by a delicious homemade garlic mayo.

The meat is all cooked on their charcoal grill.

The concept of the restaurant is that you go to the butcher in the front, and essentially ‘pick your meat’.

There is a wide selection of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken – and the staff are there to help you get exactly what you want.

When you have chosen they cook it for you and it arrives on your plate shortly after – cooked to perfection – along with a selection of sides.

If you can’t decide what to have, they have an ‘all you can eat’ deal for £27.99.

 Partners, Flavia and Keila are welcoming locals back to experience the magic.

I had the picahna (rump) – with tropeiro beans (crispy kale and bacon), vinaigrette (chopped tomato and onion), rice and fried cassava.

For someone who has been to Brazil, this place could easily be found there – not only was the food exceptional, but as soon as you walk in it feels like you are home.

Keila explained that they had been forced to close for a few months whilst going through some difficulty with the landlord.

“So at the moment people don’t know we’re back open,” she said. “At one point we thought we might have to close.”

But they fought for their right to be there on the Blue and they are inviting locals, charcoal at the ready, to come and experience the magic.

Keila added: “The fact we nearly lost it and we had to fight for it, means we are even more passionate about what we do.

“We love making our customers happy.”

Nestled behind the butchers on Blue Anchor Lane, it really is a “hidden gem.” It’s one of those places you want to tell everyone about, but you know if you do – you’ll never get a table again.

Fine Cut Butchers, 51 Blue Anchor Lane, Bermondsey, SE16 3UL


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