Fly tippers caught on camera dumping truck loads of rubbish at infamous Purley Way site

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Fly tippers have been caught continuing to leave waste at an infamous Croydon site known as dumping ground locally. This comes despite the Purley Way site being recently secured before it becomes Croydon’s newest shopping mall.

The fly-tippers were captured on camera dumping a van load of waste outside the gates of the fenced-off site before leaving the scene. In response, the site’s new leaseholder, Koby Yogaretnam, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): “It’s a punch in the stomach when these types of offences continue to take place and we have to foot the bill.”

According to Yogaretnam the fly-tippers were discovered when one of his neighbours overheard loud noises coming from the site earlier this week. He turned the corner to find two men dumping a van load of rubbish onto the road leading up to the site before making off in a hurry, all of which he filmed.

Yogaretnam told the LDRS that bollards have now been installed at the bottom of the road to prevent further fly-tipping. Following the incident, he investigated the rubbish himself and found that it largely emanated from addresses outside Croydon borough.

While the incident has been reported to the police, Croydon residents have expressed frustration that this recent illegal dump has marred the seeming progress of securing the site.

A number of residents took to venting their frustrations on the Nextdoor app after the CCTV footage was released by the owner earlier this week.

Yogaretnam told the LDRS: “The rubbish came from Tooting and these fly-tippers have obviously seen rubbish piled outside people’s houses, knocked on their doors and said we can get rid of this at a discounted rate. Unfortunately, people can blame those who own the rubbish but they also don’t really know the rules, it’s very unclear.”

He told the LDRS that after visiting the addresses of the rubbish owners in Tooting, he was surprised to find that the owners were unaware that they were responsible for where the rubbish eventually ends up. He said: “They were very apologetic but didn’t know that they had actually taken part in illegal activity.”

One Nextdoor user, Jackie Williams, said: “This is precisely why you need to check official credentials etc to know who is taking your waste when you employ them!”

Another, Pearl Pickett, said: “People need to examine their own actions, especially those who have had/are having major work done. Do they give any serious thought to what happens to any extra waste they generate?

“To so many people it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and ‘no longer in my back yard’ Do they think of the poor residents who have to tolerate other folks’ rubbish on their doorsteps? Make sure your unwanted stuff is disposed of correctly.”

Nextdoor user Alison commented: “How can these prolific perpetrators ever be stopped? It would be interesting to learn of the annual costs implications of clearing fly-tipping in our borough, year on year, compared to other London boroughs. Would prefer the funds support the health, housing and social care needs of the vulnerable instead.”

The site at 33 Imperial Way had become a notorious fly-tipping hotspot following the closure of a Sports Direct gym on the premises in the Summer of 2022. Its position on the side of a busy dual carriageway made it a prime spot for domestic and commercial waste.

The site is now under the control of new leaseholders, who have plans to build Croydon’s newest shopping mall. The new plans would see a 40-shop complex be built on the site, which will cater primarily to local businesses and have its own parking spaces.

Waddon Councillors Rowenna Davis and Ellily Ponnuthurai have also expressed dismay over this worrying trend. The councillors have worked with the landowner and leaseholder to get the site cleared for over a year.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): “It’s sickening to see criminals dumping their rubbish here, especially when the new leaseholders have spent thousands cleaning the site up.

“The fact these criminals are masked and driving without number plates means they know they’re breaking the law so we’re working with the police and Labour MP Sarah Jones to bring them to justice.

“Meanwhile, the Mayor has cut staff that used to specialise in fighting fly-tipping, and he needs to do a whole lot more to keep our Borough clean and safe.”

Croydon Council was approached for comment but failed to respond in time for publication.

Photos: Fly Tippers were caught on camera dumping waste outside the site earlier this week

Councillor Rowenna Davis, MP Sarah Jones and Koby Yogaretnum at the site last month Credit: Harrison Galliven

Work began on clearing the Purley Way site last week Credit: Rowenna Davis

The site is easily accessed by a nearby layby and playing fields to the south of the Purley Way road Credit: Harrison Galliven/LDRS


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