Manchester United boss demands apology from Fulham after TikTok mocking vide

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MANCHESTER United manager Eric Ten Hag has demanded an apology from Fulham for a social media post mocking Bruno Fernandes.

On the Cottagers’ official TilTok account, a video was posted showing Fernandes going down holding his leg before quickly getting back up. 

The clip was captioned: ‘So glad he’s OK’. 

Ten Hag was asked about it in his press conference before the Manchester derby at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday. 

“It is not right. Totally out of order and wrong. They should apologise for this,” Ten Hag said. 

“I thought it was definitely a foul on Saturday. It was misjudged from media, social media, to blame him for it. Referees should protect him. 

“He’s a very passionate football player. A very creative football player. He’s created the most in the Premier League.

“Opponents are targeting him, especially after Saturday. I feel referees should protect him. They had a chance from the start of the game, it was so obvious.”


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