Cabbie brothers open Brixton Street Wear shop in the Village and it is about more than hoodies

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The store just opened in the heart of Brixton; we hear from owner Pete Adams about the new ‘creative hub’

Brothers Peter Adams and Daniel O’Connell – previous South Londoner cover stars – have just opened a physical Brixton Street Wear shop in Brixton Village. 

A space became available, and they took the opportunity with the aim of not just opening a shop, but forging a space for a “creative hub”, says Pete. 

He adds: “We don’t just want to sell clothes, we want to sell an emotion, a feeling, a real lifestyle. You can go and buy a hoody anywhere you want, but we want people to be a part of the community and the family. 

“We felt that on opening night and the amount of people that came. It was crazy. It was like that for the whole three hours we opened.”

And since opening, Pete says the feeling has been “amazing”: “That’s the thing about having the shop, it’s nice that people can come in and see us, and lots of people remember us as kids – especially Dan. It’s just nice to have a physical home in Brixton.”

As cabbies, the pair are fitting it around the flexibility of taxi driving: “It just seems to be working.”

In store you’ll find typical Brixton Street Wear wears you’ve come to know and love, plus collaborations with local people, too.

“We’ve got a small gallery in the shop, adding pieces from different artists so they have a platform to sell their art.

“We want the shop to be a creative hub, not just our shop but if we can collaborate and help other people, that would be amazing,” says Pete. 

They’re also a new home for Book Stop Brixton – for people to bring a book, take a book – and “we’ve built a bench outside so you can sit there and read after you’ve changed your book over”. 

You’ll also find Brixton Street Wear among the stalls at Lambeth County Show (8-9 June 2024) this summer in Brockwell Park, and the pair hope to be at more festivals in the upcoming season, too. 

Open 10:30am-5pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Unit 57, Brixton Village, SW9 8PS


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