Dance For Dunkirk at St Katherine Docks

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Marvel at an impressive showcase of World War II’s maritime masterpieces this May Bank Holiday at St Katharine Docks’ Tea Dance and Dunkirk at The Docks Festival 2024. 

The Dunkirk evacuation (code-named Operation Dynamo), saw the evacuation of Allied soldiers during WWII from the beaches of Dunkirk between the 26th of May and 4th of June 1940. A unique display of civilian strength and solidarity, approximately 850 of the boats assisting the 20 warships with the evacuation were privately owned.

Known as ‘Little Ships’, many of these courageous boats live on, privately owned and exquisitely preserved. Dunkirk At The Docks brings a fleet of them to the iconic St Katharine Docks in London in a unique opportunity for boating and military enthusiasts to view and even climb aboard and explore these small but mighty vessels. The festival is suitable for all ages and is free.

Kicking off the nautical festivities will be the annual St. Katharine Docks Tea-Dance Party on Thursday the 23rd of May. As part of its Commemorative Cruise, the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships fleet will be arriving at St Katharine Docks from Friday 24th May onwards and opening doors to the public all weekend (timings below).

Friday 24th May – 10am-4pm; Saturday 25th May – 10am-4pm; Sunday 26th May – 12am-4pm.

For the full event’s calendar at St Katharine Docks, please visit 


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