Poch discusses why Chelsea can beat top Premier League sides but struggle against relegation candidates

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MAURICIO Pochettino has given his theory why his side can beat the top sides in the Premier League but struggle against the lower teams. 

The Blues defeated Manchester United 4-3 in an epic game but followed that up with a 2-2 draw at relegation certainties Sheffield United. 

Chelsea have also beaten the likes of Tottenham Hotspur but couldn’t beat Burnley. 

When we face teams like [Manchester] City, [Manchester] United, Tottenham or Liverpool, the team shows good quality. The problem is that we aren’t consistent,” Pochettino said. 

“When we are analysing, the lack of maturity really shows, but only with time can we get the right balance.” 

Pochettino commented on the injury problems this season. 

He said: “It should be fair for us to have a fit squad. We can’t prove that we are a good squad and that we can compete for big things.

“It’s very tough when you don’t have the squad fit. We want to increase the competition between them, but that’s not an excuse.”

Pochettino added:”Coaching staff are working close to the academy, we invite young players every week to train with us, it’s a great opportunity for them to train with us.

“Chelsea have one of the best academies in England if not the world. It’s our responsibility to take care of these guys and pay attention to them.

“They will have the opportunity to play on the squad one day, they just need to keep training, being consistent.

“We can see their evolution from them competing with senior players.”


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