Shalamar Make it A Night To Remember

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I have been waiting with intense anticipation for this night to come along so that I could see Shalamar perform – one of my favourite bands – and they did not disappoint, writes Michael Holland.

But before Howard Hewett, Carolyn Griffey and Jeffrey Daniel hit the stage we were treated to a guest appearance by Gwen Dickey – The Voice of Rose Royce! And what a treat she was, her vocals are just as great as they were in the mid to late 70s when going to the Car Wash was fun, when we wished upon a star and when I did wanna get next to her.

Gwen Dickey

Trapped in a wheelchair by paralysis after a freak accident at home, Gwen still had all our hips moving and hands clapping as we grooved in our seats and sang along. Ooh boy, I love you so, she crooned, and we all swooned like teenagers. Is it love we were after or just a good time? Both, and she delivered on all counts.

And then the main attraction came on to a medley of intros from their most famous tracks and cheers from an eager crowd who were already up and dancing.

A tight band of drums guitars, keyboards and backing singers created a wall of sound that our three heroes had to rise above. Hit after hit after hit came at us like a wrecking ball of funk that crashed into us and knocked us into states of ecstasy.

At one point the stage was invaded by a woman in the throes of that ecstasy and just as she grabbed Jeffery Daniel’s microphone to belt out a few bars to make us feel good, two meaty arms enveloped her, lifted her off her feet and took her away to more cheers.

Shalamar showered us with money when they took us to the bank, they made us remember the first time when they sang a perfect version of Second Time Around, and they took us right back to when we were young.

As well as great harmonies, each of the trio had their own time in the spotlight singing solo as they shared the spoils of their numerous Top Ten tracks, and Jeffrey continually teased us with a few sneak body popping moves before the big finale where he slipped his white gloves on and showed he can still Moonwalk.

Shalamar put on a fantastic, non-stop show, backed by a superb bunch of musicians who can pull out great soul, funk and rock to allow the the holy trinity of Howard, Carolyn and Jeffrey to do their thing.

Their Greatest Hits Tour is in full swing so catch it if you can:


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